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Dr. Dan is the only general dentist in the area who is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

We treat kids with much gentleness and caring, introducing great dental habits at early age.  It has been our delight to have “graduated” thousands of kids cavity free.

Dr. Dan will monitor bite development and age related habits such as early age thumb/appendage sucking and airway irregularities which can lead to mal-occlusion, TMJ disorientation, snoring and dentofacial deformities.  Developing a balanced masticatory system has many life long benefits.  Being an expert in bonding or "tooth-colored" dentistry, he applies cosmetic adult principles to children when necessary, creating metal free, healthy, beautiful smiles.

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What others are saying...

“ I didn’t feel that”

Michael, 9 years old

“ Dr. Byrne explains things well and makes it fun for my son”

Mrs. K, Belfair, WA